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March 2013 - Composing & recording
We're slowly working on our new project. Might be 55-55, might be 60-60. Enjoying Cubase 7 and our new digtal drumkit.

June 2010 - Fifty-Fifty Party
The new cd was presented on the fifty-fifty party in June. Check out the pictures and listen to two new tracks.

January 2009 - New website
We've built a completely new website. A very special thanks to Bas.

Summer 2008 - Still going strong
We're still writing, recording and mixing songs for the new album. We made the decision to have a big fifty-fifty party in the spring of 2010. That's when the new forty-forty album should be released.

December 2007 - Ann's Christmas cd
We recorded and produced two songs for Ann's Christmas cd. In the course of 2009 we'll record a number of spirituals for her new cd.

Autumn 2006 - Recording
Long time no hear... We've been very busy, making babies and trying to be a good father (Eric) and changing careers and moving house (Mark). Nevertheless, over the last two years we wrote more than ten new songs. Along the way we said goodbye to our PC and welcomed our i-Mac, which we should have done years ago. You'll find a few samples of the new songs here soon. Meanwhile, we'll concentrate on the mixing and who knows, some day "Forty-Three" may see the light.

Summer 2005 - singer
We recorded a few songs with singer Suzan, including a single for the new album.

June 2004 - reviews
The first reviews of "Forty-Two" have come in. Of course you should form your own opinion of our music, but if you like to read other people's opinions, you can find a selection here.

April 2004 - FORTY-TWO PARTY
Our new album was officially launched on 17th April in Dean's Garage. Have a look at the pictures in the photo album.

March 2004 - Party
The 4t4t party to celebrate the release of our new album will be held on 17th April. If you feel we should have sent you an invitation, drop us a line.

January 2004 - New album
The new album "Forty-Two" was released in January 2004 and will be distributed from April.

September 2003 - Visitor 1000
On 23 September 2003 we welcomed visitor nr 1000 to our website. Time for champagne!

July 2003 - New website
Thanks to Jeroen, the Forty-Forty website was completely redesigned. Don't hesitate to tell us what you think of it and please visit Jeroen's website:

Mix finished
We have finished the mix for the new album. In August we will take it to a real studio for the mastering.

April 2003 - Mixing has started
We have started mixing the ten songs for the new forty-forty cd which will be titled "forty-two". It will be released after the summer. There will be a cd-presentation in The Hague in September or October 2003.

Visitor 750
On 2 April 2003 we welcomed visitor nr 750 to our website. Thanks everyone!

October 2002 - Eric performs Satie
On 5 October Eric was one of 24 pianoplayers who performed in a 24 hours Satie marathon. Erik Satie's composition "Vexations" was played 840 times. The piano marathon was organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Koorenhuis Centre for Arts and Culture in The Hague and to raise money for a new grand piano.

New Forty-Forty album
The release of the second Forty-Forty album was postponed to Summer 2003. Eight songs have been recorded.

March 2002 - 500 visitors
On 21 March we welcomed visitor nr 500 to our website. Thanks guys!

New songs
We've recorded six new songs.

October 2001- FORTY-FORTY.NL
Our expired in September. We've now moved the website to

June 2001- Airplay
Several tracks of our first album were played on Dutch national TV (Nederland 2 & 3) as background music.

May 2001- Official release
Although we're working very hard on our second project, we decided to "officially" release our first album (Stemra nr L 10941).

February 2001- Work in progress 2
We have now finished writing eight new songs for our next CD. EYE-drummer Ronald has offered to assist us with the drum tracks (very helpful indeed) and we're still looking for a singer. We hope to have finished recording and mixing the new songs by the end of next year.

27 October 2000 - MP3 files of cd tracks
From today it's possible to listen to and/or download MP3 files of several CD tracks on the Vitaminic website. Go here:

1 October 2000 - Work in progress
After the summer we started writing new songs for our next CD. We'll keep you informed here how we're doing.

30 september 2000 - Website
The website was launched on 30 september 2000.

Please send us an e-mail and let us know what you think of it.