Rainbow (Track 6 from "Forty-Two")

O-over the mountain we will climb

Reaching out for a dream that lies behind

Is it our promised land that waits there

Pastures green, rivers clear blue

Sunlit days, starry nights forever

Can it be true?


O-over the rainbow we will fly

Reaching out for a shelter in the sky

Is it our future world that shines there

Creatures wise, places we knew

Peaceful nights, happy days forever

Are found anew.

Copyright Forty-Forty 2003


Seize the day (Track 8 from "Forty-Forty")

it is so easy to sit back

and think of times that used to be

dwell on the deeds that are over

the past seems more alive today

much brighter than reality

but fades away when you're sober

the present may present its pains

can kick you in the face perhaps

but surely offers some good too

so seize the day enjoy this hour

the now the here the sky the flower

your music and friends around you

please go ahead do carry on

your head held high

brain filled with dreams

and try to keep out the sorrow

focus hard on the things you like

play sing compose and dance or write

too soon it will be tomorrow

Copyright Forty-Forty 2000