Eric Schulp

Eric started organ lessons at the age of eight using a genuine 'Phillicorda' and took jazz guitar lessons for two years when he was fifteen. In the summer of 1978 he took his first piano lessons.

He went to the Royal Music College of The Hague where he studied school music and piano and graduated in 1985. He worked in a music school and was a part-time choir conductor.

He works at the Centre for Arts & Culture Koorenhuis, is owner of Art Mobile.

Mark Vermin

Mark started a private carwash to finance his guitar lessons when he was fifteen and played guitar and bass in a rockband called EYE.

He graduated in English language and literature at the University of Leiden in 1986 and after that worked for a language school as a teacher and manager.

He currently works as director of an institute for adult education called Volksuniversiteit Den Haag.